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Alice's Story

I had just started a new job in medical cancer research in March 2018 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I hadn't found a lump, but noticed a tiny amount of blood drip from my left nipple one night in the bath. 

I acted quickly and was first of all found to have widespread ductal carcinoma in situ, and within weeks had a mastectomy with implant reconstruction.  Surgical pathology then revealed two small tumours and I went on to need chemotherapy. 

I kept working when I could but the treatment was fairly gruelling. Prior to my mastectomy, I was a lady who liked nice matching lingerie sets, but these I could no longer wear due to wires. I hunted for comfortable bras I could wear, ending up with sports bras and mismatched pants!

For me, having lingerie that meets my new needs for comfort but still feel pretty is a lovely thing and allows me to feel more like my usual self. I am really looking forward to the new collection from LoveRose lingerie! 

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