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Gemma's Story

This year January I'd just finished my 12 mile run at Stirling Castle, went for the weekend & the following Monday I was going to the breast clinic to get checked out. I found a small lump while showering, so I went to get this checked, but had no aches, no pain, no symptoms.

I went with my mum and had an examination, the GP said it will be a cyst, next I was sent down the hall for a mammogram & ultrasound which I thought- they will give me a good MOT here. Next I'm being told I have suspicious cell that are cancer???  I had to go to another room to get a blood test & a biopsy, I was sitting on the hospital bed just not even sure what was happening?? 

The tears started to roll down my eyes. Everything was happening so fast. I had to take my bra off, but I could see my mum in the corner of my eye. I felt so vulnerable. I asked for the curtain to be closed, my poor mum was like I'll turn away- I mean I'm 37 she's not seem me since I was about 13.

I thought, why is this happening, can I not have a break? In 2017 we sadly lost my dad- I found him at home, he had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot), slumped in the kitchen. He was a picture of health so it came from nowhere. We had the worst 4 months as we were planning my wedding in March 2018. We went through such a hard time, I didn't have dad to walk me down the aisle. He was the main person I would talk to about everything.

Stage 2 cancer I have & a 9cm lump- very matter of fact, I will need  chemotherapy & possibly radiotherapy. It's treatable & I will lose my hair. I just couldn't take it all in, I was in shock.  

I had a mastectomy & reconstruction surgery in February and spent a week in the hospital. This is what we needed to do first. Having to tell my daughter was so difficult, she is 15 & was doing her prelims at the time but she said all the right things- "it's just hair it will grow back".

I have my life so I have to get on with it & take each day as it comes & we did as a family. I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy every 3 weeks & out of all the symptoms I got like 2- I can cope with that.  I strangely just took it in. It all could've gone in another direction. I've got my life & I just have to get by day by day- I have so much to live for.

Yes I felt exhausted, yes my hair started to fall out (my husband shaved it for me) but I continued work just part time & continued to go to the gym when I could. This is gonna be my life just now, so ok, this is the way it's gonna be!

LoveRose Lingerie will be fantastic, having a range of lingerie and a choice of styles which are pretty and will make me feel feminine again- there's nothing out there.

This is what we need. 

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