• Christina's Story

    I’m Christina. A woman, a mummy and a BRCA1 mutation carrier. I’m 32 and live in Edinburgh with my fiancé, our two crazy kids and our puppy. ...
  • Caroline's Story (Part 2)

    I’ve always loved lingerie. Before cancer I was that girl that wore matching sets even under a tracksuit (my lingerie was, and always will be, only for me!). It has the power to help me feel good about myself, gave me a secret confidence, was my armour, got me ready for my day, that was all BBC (before breast cancer).
  • Caroline's Story (Part 1)


    I’m Caroline, founder of LoveRose Lingerie. While many of you may already know my story, I wanted to take some time to talk about the journey I’ve been on. I hope that this will encourage others to share their stories and join the community we’re creating here at LoveRose.

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