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I know how it feels to lose your confidence after surgery. As a designer and lingerie lover, this luxurious collection was created with love and care.

Caroline xx

I found it so frustrating searching for healthy, wire-free bras that still gave my heavier natural breasts the support they needed. Our collection perfectly combines the two!

Sarah xx


I'm so impressed by how comfortable the bra is...

Honestly it's fab to wear a bra that doesn't feel like you're wearing one, at the same time as feeling like I'm getting shape and support!

Sarah G

It looks beautiful but also gives amazing support and is so comfortable and 'just fits'. It's the nicest lingerie I have ever owned which is quite an achievement 6 months after mastectomy and reconstruction.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Today I felt like Lisa before cancer when I tried my bra on.


It is exquisite and the packaging too! Your lingerie will certainly make such a different to so many post surgery ladies confidence!


The bra achieved two things, reassuringly supportive and comfortable, but also, I feel so gorgeous in it with the pretty knickers.


It's a lovely thing to find lingerie that will make women feel they can celebrate their shape and feel empowered and more rare to find a company who help women feel beautiful following cancer surgery and as part of their healing journey