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Post Surgery, we've got you covered

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Luxury Post Surgery Lingerie


They're literally game changing bras. Actually strike that, they're life changing bras.

Love, Love, LOVE!!!


Absolutely beautiful post-surgery lingerie. I haven't found anything else on the market that even remotely compares.


The most beautiful lingerie I've found for post-surgery. Luxurious fabrics, carefully thought out designs and support without underwires. Everything you need to feel a little more you after surgery.


I purchased the ‘See you at Nine’ set in lotus pink and navy. Exquisite colours and beautiful soft lace. I can honestly say that it’s the most comfortable bra and pants I own.


My LoveRose bra is the most comfortable bra experience I have had since my mastectomy, 3 years ago. Not only the comfort is impressive but how sexy it still manages to look.


I'm so impressed by how comfortable the bra is... Honestly it's fab to wear a bra that doesn't feel like you're wearing one, at the same time as feeling like I'm getting shape and support!

Sarah G

It looks beautiful but also gives amazing support and is so comfortable and 'just fits'. It's the nicest lingerie I have ever owned which is quite an achievement 6 months after mastectomy and reconstruction.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Today I felt like Lisa before cancer when I tried my bra on.


Faultless and beautiful lingerie. I’m so impressed by the quality; its not often that I have found a bra that provides great support, the feeling of wearing something flexible and unrestrictive AND looks absolutely gorgeous too.


trinny wears loverose

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Women have no choice in having breast surgery, but they deserve a choice in their lingerie.

LoveRose, Love Yourself


I know how it feels to lose your confidence after breast surgery. As a designer and lingerie lover, this luxurious collection was created with love and care.

Caroline xx

I found it so frustrating searching for healthy, wire free bras that still gave my heavier natural breasts the support they needed. Our collection perfectly combines the two!

Sarah xx